Ammanford’s mining heritage recalled in new town mosaic

One of the greatest legacies bequeathed to Ammanford by its mining community is celebrated in a new mural specially commissioned for the 50th anniversary of the Lions Club of Ammanford.

The Marsh Fritillery is a beautiful orange, gold and brown butterfly which, following changes in farming traditions, has virtually disappeared from all of Britain and large parts of Europe.

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But at Ammanford he continued to hold on.

“It’s thanks to the miners,” said artist Dani Lee, who helped create the community mosaic.

“They managed their land very differently from the rest of Carmarthenshire, as they chose to keep very small fields just big enough to graze a pony or a cow.

“And it was the perfect habitat for a wildflower called Devil’s Bit Scabious which has a beautiful purple flower that the Marsh Fritillery thrives on.

“While the butterfly has sadly started to disappear in other parts of the UK, it has remained a very common sight around Ammanford fields.”

Efforts are currently underway to reintroduce it to other parts of Wales and the UK.

The mosaic was designed and created by a wide cross-section of the Ammanford community, including children from Ysgol Bro Banw who made ceramic tiles under the guidance of one of Carmel Pottery’s ceramists.

It was built over a series of workshops led by Dani Lee Arts.


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“It was a great community event because it brought so many people together to work towards creating something for their city,” Dani said.

“And by including items such as Swamp Fritillaria, Devil’s Bit Scabious and of course a miner’s lamp, it pays homage to the miners who worked the land around Ammanford and helped conserve this magnificent butterfly.”

The mosaic will be located on a wall at the Old Cross Inn in Quay Street and will be officially unveiled on July 7 at 12:30 p.m.

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