ANC mayor fights to restore his name after his removal from the list of candidate councilors

A Limpopo ANC big-headed and municipal mayor of the Sekhukhune region of Limpopo asked the ANC’s national leadership for help after his name was allegedly removed from a list of candidate councilors.

This amid accusations that she only has the matrix as the highest qualification, in light of her candidacy to be elected councilor and later mayor of Sekhukhune district municipality.

Current mayor of the local municipality of Elias Motsoaledi – which sits under Sekhukhune – in the platinum town of Groblersdal, Julia Mathebe, appealed to the ANC’s National Executive Committee (NEC) for urgent intervention on the matter.

The mayor, who is also ANC regional vice-president Sekhukhune, also sent his qualifications to The citizen in order to prove to the “doubting Thomases” that she is qualified for the job.

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“I heard from Vines that my name was taken off the list of candidates.

“I took things lightly at first, but later learned that those who spoke a different political language with me on the provincial executive committee [PEC] of the ANC were responsible for removing my name.

“When I talk to some of the ANC provincial leaders about this, they took me around and sent me from pillar to pillar.

“What is more concerning is that this issue is now talking about it in the province and has the potential to influence the outcome of the interview and verification processes,” said Mathebe angrily.

Mathebe is in competition for the control of the rich in mines Sekhukhune District Municipality with two other candidates. They are Maleke Mokganyetjie and Kgwediyebotse Chigo.

Mokganyetjie is said to have a teaching qualification as the highest qualification.

She is currently the chief whip of the ANC in the municipality of Sekhukhune, a position she held after the death of Tseke Lepota, who was the chief whip.

Kgwediyebotse, on the other hand, is said to have a level 6 qualification in public relations from Unisa and is the current chief whip of the local municipality of Makhuduthamaga in Jane Furse.

Browse qualification documents sent to The citizen, Mathebe was found to have obtained the NQF Level 6 qualification on municipal governance and management from the University of Johannesburg.

She is also one of the many very experienced ANC cadres in the region, with 15 years of experience in local government and seven years of experience as mayor of the municipality of Elias Motsoaledi.

Mathebe is also currently completing his Bachelor of Public Administration with Mancosa.

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It remains to be seen which of the three candidates will be victorious.

The ANC said on Wednesday it would struggle to select the most relevant candidates to deploy as mayors, as most of the lists had the skills, qualifications and brilliant public conduct.

Cooperative governance MEC Basikopo Makamu, who oversees the day-to-day functions of municipalities in the province, said all councils should be formed within 14 days of the official proclamation of election results by the Independent Election Commission.

Makamu said the constitution of the councils would include the election of mayors, lecturers, full-time councilors and the establishment of council committees.

The Limpopo ANC reserved their comment on the Mathebe fiasco.

PEC spokesman Donald Selamolela said he was unaware of the Mathebe delisting issue and set out to investigate.

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“We still have to come together as a PEC to reflect on the outcome of the candidate interview processes. We hope that the panelists will be able to inform us if there has been such an incident, where Mathebe’s name has been removed, due to alleged poor qualifications.

“Once informed, we’ll take it from there and comment later,” Selamolela said.

He said, however, that in order to be qualified to be mayor, a number of factors such as qualifications, experience and public conduct must be taken into account.

“These are not just the qualifications required to be mayor or executive mayor. ”

ANC national spokesperson Pule Mabe was not available for comment at the time of going to press.

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