CIL to deploy green mining technologies to reduce emissions

June 20, 2022 C.W. Team

Coal India Limited (CIL) plans to deploy green mining technologies in its mines to reduce negative environmental impact and reduce emissions.

CIL also plans to quadruple its underground (UG) production to 100 million tonnes (mt) by 2030 from 25.6 mt in FY22. UG coal production is environmentally clean, less intrusive on the land degradation and respectful of society. About 70% of the country’s coal reserves facilitate the mining of UG coal. The company aims to have UG production significantly complement open pit (OC) production. Currently, the exploitable coal reserves at the existing OC will slowly decrease. CIL will introduce 50 continuous miners by FY25 with peak production potential of 25 million tonnes per annum (mtpa). The company will deploy 21 such machines in Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL), Central Coalfields Limited (CCL) and South Eastern Coalfields Limited (SECL), producing nine mtpa. The two PSLW (powered support long wall) machines operating at ECL and Bharat Coking Coal Limited (BCCL) produced 1.58 t in FY22, compared to 1.13 t in FY21, with an increase of 40%. Two more PSLWs with a capacity of 4.5 mtpa will soon be deployed in BCCL. CIL aims to extract coal by forced entry into these OC mines, which have reached their ultimate pit level through various technologies. CIL plans to identify and implement five such mines through perforated entry in a phased manner through FY24. Currently, the company will deploy ten high wall machines in its OC mines with potential expected production of 5 mtpa. One project is already operational at SECL and three others will be operational at ECL. A high wall machine has a capital expenditure (capex) of Rs 200 crore. Previously, UG mines lost production, leading to a longer gestation period, shortage of skilled labor, unavailability of local equipment, and high departmental production costs. Now, UG production could become viable.Source of images

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