City of Superior announces new sidewalk snow removal program

(courtesy of Facebook / Jim Paine, Mayor of Superior)

SUPERIOR, Wisconsin – In an effort to maintain safe routes for students to school this winter, the city of Superior has announced a new sidewalk snow removal program.

According to a Wednesday morning press release, the city will help clear sidewalks on specific streets and specific street sides, which are connected to Safe-Routes-to-School.

Snow will only be cleared on days when there is more than two inches of snow.

“Most sidewalk snow removal is homeowners’ responsibility, but some routes are just too important,” Superior Mayor Jim Paine said in a Facebook post Wednesday.

You can see the full sidewalk snow removal route below:

Snow removal from sidewalks 2

Residents along the route will receive a postcard in the mail with information about the new program.

To ensure there is enough space for the snow plow vehicle, municipal teams will prune trees and shrubs along the route.

“If this program is successful, hopefully we can expand our staff and equipment to include more sidewalks, but for now let’s make the trip to school a little safer,” said Mayor Paine.

For more information on the program, click on here.

“It’s difficult if even a section of the sidewalk is not clear. This can be a major obstacle for someone. So making sure they’re all clear is invaluable to just about everyone in a neighborhood, ”Paine said.

Mayor Paine says the specific route can be found on the city’s website, but they will seek feedback from senior residents and modify the route if necessary.

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