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By Isaac Anumihe, Abuja

A nongovernmental organization and knowledge-based institution, the Center for Social Justice (CSJ), said removing oil subsidies would save the government more than 2,000 billion naira.

The CSJ condemned the federal government’s plan to borrow 126.925 billion naira for the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) project.

Examining the Appropriation Bill 2022 yesterday in Abuja, the Senior Director of the Center for Social Justice (CSJ), lawyer Eze Onyekpere, wondered why the federal government should borrow so much for a card scheme. national identity while a majority of Nigerians have not obtained the card 10 years after the capture of their identity.

He said the 2022 finance law should contain an explicit provision abolishing fuel subsidies, under-recovery or any subsidy on petroleum motor gasoline in any name or form.

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This, he noted, will save the nation no less than N2 trillion and make the same available on behalf of the Federation.

According to Onyekpere, no less than 60 percent of the savings resulting from the removal of the subsidy should be spent on reserved (legal) spending on education and health.

Regarding the national identity card, he said the committee should be asked about the 126.925 billion naira to be borrowed.

“Why do we need to borrow so much for a national identity card system? Can the Commission explain why identity cards have not reached a majority of Nigerians whose identities have been captured more than 10 years since the launch of the program? He asked.

The senior manager also noted holes in the expected N2.915 billion revenues from the minerals and mining sector, saying they are grossly underestimated.

The National Assembly, he said, should engage the mining authorities and the finance ministry to ensure that illegal and private mining of public minerals is stopped and that appropriate estimated revenues are included in the budget. .

CSJ also suggested that there should be a full implementation of the Oil Industry Law for reform in the oil and gas sector as this will also increase the disposable income from oil and gas extraction. medium term.

Onyekpere argued that industry leadership should be professionalized and that the new Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and other emerging companies should not be subject to political pressure and distortions now or at any time in the process. ‘to come up.

“The expected federal government revenues from electronic money transfers (formerly stamp duty) are grossly underestimated. The National Assembly should conduct in-depth hearings and seek expert advice on this revenue item to ensure that all of the revenue due is approved. The National Assembly should ensure that the executive recognizes unrecorded charges from previous years, ”he said.

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