Hexagon Mining Division Partners with Phoenix Drill Control for Autonomous Drilling Technology

Posted by Daniel Gleeson on February 28, 2022

Hexagon’s mining division has signed an exclusive partnership agreement with Phoenix Drill Control, a technology company specializing in the implementation of autonomous technology for the surface drilling process.

By applying artificial intelligence (AI) and machine control to drilling automation, Phoenix Drill Control’s autonomous drilling technology overcomes the constraints typically associated with traditional drilling automation platforms, such as the removal or replacement of existing machine controls, extensive operator training and reliance on operator input, according to Hexagon’s mining division.

Artificial intelligence algorithms monitor all input signals and take dynamic corrective action, without operator intervention and before a catastrophic hole failure or stuck drill bit occurs. Phoenix’s autonomous drilling rig has a production-proven track record, demonstrating that it outperforms the industry’s existing automated drill rigs.

Optimized drilling operations have the potential to significantly improve a mine’s results by protecting machine life, ensuring high quality blast holes and reducing overall drilling costs, the company said. . By consolidating the necessary technology into a single, connected platform, Hexagon is helping to empower its customers with an empowered future.

Ryan Hawes, COO, Hexagon’s Mining division, said, “Partnering with Phoenix Drill Control will further enhance Hexagon’s self-sustaining capabilities. Phoenix Drill Control’s simplified and scalable automation platform is immediately available to market. This will bring profound benefits to customers, including faster decisions with greater accuracy, improved health and safety, greater efficiency by eliminating errors, and a reduced environmental footprint.

“Like Hexagon, Phoenix Drill Control creates scalable, platform-independent technology. This ensures data is accurate, free of operator-induced noise, and doing its best, arming customers with a feedback loop that points the way to a safer, more productive and sustainable future.

Mark Baker, President of Phoenix Drill Control, added, “We are delighted to partner with Hexagon and are confident that our collaboration will benefit customers. The combination of Phoenix AI technology with Hexagon will propel autonomous drilling to the forefront of the industry. After all, drilling is at the start of the mining process, and when done well, the entire value chain benefits.

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