High Vitrinite Wall Changes the Coal Mining Game

Gainwell’s GHWM300M high wall mining unit. Image: Vitrinite.

Vitrinite has signed the first contract with Gainwell Engineering Global at the Vulcan Coal Mine in the Bowen Basin, Queensland, for the supply of a GHWM300M highwall mining unit.

The equipment is manufactured under license from Caterpillar and represents the future of Australian coal mining, according to Vitrinite.

“Vitrinite is honored to be the first purchaser of Gainwell’s GHWM300M outside of India and believes the introduction of high bay mining technology will play an important role in the future of the Australian mining industry. , as it has done in many other coal markets around the world,” the company said.

“The Highwall miners have proven to be safe, highly productive, have a low environmental impact, and provide access to coal that would otherwise be blocked due to economic constraints.”

Vitrinite has undertaken a two-year research program to determine how best to extract maximum value from the Vulcan resource.

Gainwell was one of several options considered in the search for the most efficient technology, the company said.

“This purchase is the culmination of extensive reviews of active miners around the world,” Vitrinite said.

“The Gainwell product is exceptional and has been determined to be best suited for Vulcan’s operating conditions.”

The private coal miner expects the first coal to be mined at Vulcan in 2023 and the success of initial development will determine the order of future high wall mining units.

“Vitrinite would like to thank Gainwell for their commitment to delivering a world class product which we believe has a very bright future to support the next generation of highly productive coal mines in Australia,” added Vitrinite.

The $160 million Vulcan coal mine received mining approval in September 2021 as Vitrinite sought to begin a 15-year mine life.

Once fully operational, the mine will employ over 150 full-time employees.

Vitrinite first acquired the asset in 2018, rapidly ramping up development of the project soon after.

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