Nvidia Hackers Demand Removal of Crypto Mining Limits

Key ideas:

  • Nvidia said the hacker took employee credentials and began leaking data.
  • They clarified that the hackers did not deploy any malware.
  • Among the released information, source codes and data of Nvidia GPU drivers, LHR, etc., have also been leaked.

According to a Bloomberg report, hacker group LAPSU$ successfully hacked Nvidia for proprietary data. The tech company known for its Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) and drivers confirmed the same.

Information extracted by hackers includes source code and data for Nvidia products and services.

Nvidia hacked!

Identified as a group of South American hackers, the members of LAPSU$ would be present in Western Europe.

The group managed to hack Nvidia for ransom, which was relatively unconventional for such companies.

Instead of demanding money, the group demanded that Nvidia remove mining limits from its graphics cards.

Last year, Nvidia cut Ethereum mining capabilities on its graphics card in half due to growing demand. Graphics cards were sold with the new “Lite Hash Rate” label to discourage miners from hoarding these cards.

Thus, LAPSU$ group stole critical information, source codes and confidential data regarding Nvidia GPU driver, Falcon, LHR etc. A company official said:

“We are aware that the threat actor has taken employee credentials and certain proprietary Nvidia information from our systems and has begun to leak it online. Our team is working to analyze this information. We do not anticipate any disruption to our business or our ability to serve our customers as a result of the incident.

As things stand, hackers have started leaking some of the hacked data, and the company stands to lose everything if they refuse to cooperate.

In the past

Nvidia, in 2020, fell victim to the SolarWinds hack by the Russian government, which infected the company’s computers.

But Nvidia’s growing problems could end up driving users to other mining options, such as the new Bonanza crypto mining chip from longtime competitor Intel.

Launched in the second half of February, the Bitcoin ASIC miner is said to be 1000 times more efficient than SHA-256-based mining GPUs.

Capable of producing up to 40 Tera hashes per second, this chip could end up being a huge disadvantage for Nvidia.

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