Omniflex and AMOG receive funding from METS Ignited

Omniflex and AMOG Consulting, which have collaboratively developed oversized Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sensing instruments for the global mining industry, have received new funding from METS Ignited as part of a funding initiative from 2.5 million Australian dollars. The funding is intended to support companies that have successfully commercialized technologies under previous METS Ignited-funded projects in the mining equipment, technology and services (METS) sector.

Mines often work by blasting mine and pit faces with explosives, producing rubble of various shapes and sizes, ranging from small pebbles to meter-wide boulders. This is then loaded onto large haul trucks and transported to an ore crusher. When oversized rubble reaches the crusher, it can jam and damage it, halting production while blockages are cleared or parts are replaced.

Omniflex and AMOG have collaboratively developed IIoT instrumentation to enhance oversized sensing capabilities for the global mining industry. The system uses sensors to detect the size of ore rubble as it is loaded into haul trucks to be transported from the blast site to the crushing plant. This information is communicated wirelessly in real time to the driver, mining operations and/or remote data storage for further analysis.

“The sensors, jointly designed by AMOG and Omniflex, detect signals on board the truck when ore is dumped into the bin,” said David Celine, CEO of Omniflex. “Data is processed using machine learning techniques to estimate the size of rocks as they are dumped into the truck. This information is then communicated wirelessly through a gateway on the haul truck to the driver and operations. mining companies to inform them of the oversized ore load before the truck leaves after being loaded.

“The technology has demonstrated detection accuracy of over 80%, which is a big improvement over common detection methods that are estimated to be less than 5% accurate. Notably, the technology does not rely on visual sensing or cameras and therefore works in almost any condition. It’s also simple to modernize and expandable to many other high-value applications.

The creation of the initial technology was made possible by funds from the METS Ignited Collaborative Project. Based on the success of the first pilot projects, this new project aims to accelerate the company’s scale to meet global industry demand. This includes expanding production, testing capabilities, certification, enabling rapid adoption of this innovative digital technology.

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