Porsha Williams’ ex says she’s ‘too late’ for tattoo removal party

In the news of the post “Messy-co” mess…

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In a recent post, Dennis McKinley, owner of The Original Hot Dog Shop and ex-fiancé of Porsha Williams, took to Instagram with a subtle nuance when he posted “I got mine covered, you’re late my baby (with cross, heart and dollar sign emoticons).”

Although he didn’t tag the Bravo girl, fans assumed his post was about the matching cross, heart and dollar sign tattoos the couple got together in 2018. Dennis follows Porsha’s video of trying to get a tattoo removed.

Porsha Post Tattoo Removal:

The former #RHOA star recently posted a video of herself in a doctor’s office attempting to remove the tattoo from her neck, squirming and screaming about the pain. The tattoo removal professional is seen attempting to get a tattoo just behind her ear, making sure to get the tattoo she got while having a relationship with her baby daddy, and not the OTHER tattoo on her neck of the middle name of her NEW fiancé Simon, Lyore.

Mind you, Simon also has a tattoo to commemorate his romance with Porsha. Simon’s, which was her very first tattoo, reads “Porsha” in cursive letters.

Porsha’s tattoo removal video was posted on her Instagram with the caption:

“Babyyyyyy, I’m up for tattoo removal, but Hunty, I’ll be back when I get numbing cream!! “It’ll do. I’m out. #ImmediatelyNo #Tattoo removal”

Porsha and Dennis dated for a year before getting engaged September 2018, just two months after learning she was pregnant. The two welcomed baby girl Pilar Jhena McKinley in March 2019. Porsha and Dennis split and broke off their engagement for the first time in 2019 amid Dennis admitting he cheated while she was pregnant. They rekindled their romance and re-engaged but ended things for good in 2020.

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In what may be a response to Dennis’ trolling, Porsha recently posted a carousel of photos from a time in Costa Rica and shared a post about what to do when your world gets “chaotic or messy”.

“If your outer world becomes chaotic or messy and you lose sight of your center, turn to nature,” the post reads. “Seasons change. Storms surge and cease. Rain falls one day and sunshine another. Leaves die and fall to bloom with vibrancy and potential the next season.

Included in the carousel was a post of Porsha raising her two middle fingers.

Simon Guobadia recently praised Porsha

Simon, who recently celebrated the grade level graduation of 3 of his children, took a moment to sing his fiancé’s praises via IG while noting how effectively he, Porsha and the children’s mothers are co-parenting.

“Finally, I am lucky to have a future wife in [Porsha] who loves and supports our village, being present in the life of every child, including her very own adorable Pilar (3). My prayer this Sunday is that other parents may also experience this same blessing – that of effective co-parenting,” Simon concluded. “Now let’s celebrate this family.”

Welp Simon, from your mouth to the ears of God.

Hope this latest tiff between Porsha and Dennis doesn’t go off the rails their ability to co-parent AGAIN.

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