Scientists use liquid tobacco waste and iron residue to remove CDs

According to a new study published on Langmuir, a kind of iron-based carbon microsphere was successfully prepared from tobacco liquid waste (TWL) and iron residue (WIR) to remove cadmium ion (Cd( II)) water and soil.

This research was conducted by researchers led by Professor WU Zhengyan of the Hefei Institutes of Physical Sciences (HFIPS) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The non-nutritive metal was considered harmful to the environment and humans. With the rapid development of metallurgy, electroplating, pigment, mining and battery industries, cadmium pollution is becoming more and more serious. About 30,000 tons of TWL are released into the environment every year, causing serious pollution.

The researchers attempted to reuse these two wastes in this study. They named the new magnetic iron-based carbon microsphere as [email protected]

To improve stability and increase the active groups of [email protected] particle, the researchers coated the magic microsphere with sodium polyacrylate to form [email protected]@SP. They used this method to improve the removal efficiency of Cd(II) because the hydrochar was stable on the surface of the WIR and the carboxyl group was modified on the surface of[email protected]@SP.

cation exchange, electrostatic attraction, hydrogen bond interaction, and cation-π interaction have also been included in the elimination mechanisms.

Co-hydrothermal treatment was also an innovation, and no one used this method to make [email protected] before, according to the researchers.

This research was supported by Anhui Province University Synergy Innovation Program and Anhui Province Major Science and Technology Project.

Block diagram of the manufacturing process and adsorption mechanisms of

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